Bespoke mathematics teaching resources for GCSE and A-Level, generated using artificial intelligence

Procedurally Generated Exams

Tryal.AI uses state of the art artificial intelligence (AI) to generate bespoke exam papers, as well as worksheets covering the topics you choose, for as many students as you need.

AI Generated

Tryal.AI uses a purpose built generator, designed to generate questions for students of different abilities, along with mark schemes that provide clear step-by-step workings.

Made To Spec questions are all designed to mimic real GCSE Maths questions, and take into consideration both foundation and higher tiers, as well as a variety of exam boards such as Edexcel, OCR, AQA and CIE.

Infinitely Customisable can generate realistic mock exams, which mimic the makeup of real GCSEs, but the real power comes in its ability to adapt to your needs by giving you the ability to generate worksheets that target only the topics, levels and Assessment Objectives you choose.

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What is is a new GCSE resource subscription service, which provides you unlimited unique Maths GCSE mock exams and worksheets at an exceptionally affordable price that scales to suit schools of all sizes. All of our material is generated using state-of-the-art AI technology which we are constantly honing and improving to provide a more diverse array of questions.

All of our material is designed to imitate real GCSE exam questions, we design all our questions against GCSE specification, including Edexcel, AQA, OCR and CIE. Further, our mock paper generation aims to replicate the exact make-up of GCSE Maths exam, down to the mark share breakdown of both topics and assessment objectives. Questions are adjusted for both higher and foundation level, and take into consideration both the calculator and non-calculator portion. also allows you to customise your papers and materials meaning that from day one of GCSE teaching, you can start giving students realistic questions and practice material, without worrying about running out, or providing them with unsuitable material.

All generated material comes with step by step worked answers, that allow students to understand how to tackle each question, with a personalised mark scheme for their resource. This means even in the marking stage, students can be sure where they would have received marks for their answer, and better understand earlier, what exams value in answers.

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Along side unlimited resource generation, also provides a student progression tracker. This intelligent system allows you take the results from any and all resources you provide your students, and use them to provide more personalised and targeted material as time goes by. In essence, we learn students weak areas and provide them with resources that specifically strengthen those areas.